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Music Release: Miley Cyrus - Younger Now "is a root-sy, breezy single."

Miley Cyrus, Younger Now

"Change is a thing you can count on.." Miley sings the chorus as she continues to show a more sanitized, root-sy and scaled back version of her. It's like a homecoming, but a more confident one.

Younger Now, her new single and the title track of the same up and coming album, looks back to Miley's journey of change. From her twangy teeny bopper bubblegum pop Hannah Montana days, to the rock-like, clueless Can't Be Tamed era and as well as her tongue wagging, booty shaking, party banger, Bangerz, Miley has done a pretty good amount of change in her young years and it seems like it's not going to stop there.

Younger Now, is a root-sy, breezy single that mixes twangy country and pop-dance tune. The single itself isn't a bad effort as it manages to be interesting without really trying too much to be different. The single, which lacks dynamics, relies on a simple melody and a production that bounces back and forth to some country strings and dance-y rhythm.

Younger Now is yet another cohesive effort to reconstruct Miley's return to her roots but with a more confident and self identity. Her lyrics were nothing new - in fact, they are pretty generic - but the music is more formal and sure, so is Miley.

But just like what she says, "Change is a thing you can count on.." so I won't discount the fact that maybe in a year from now, she introduces yet another change to reinvent herself. But for now, these folksy, tamed Miley is a welcome surprise.

Download the song below:
Music Release: Miley Cyrus - Younger Now "is a root-sy, breezy single." Reviewed by Etan Musni on 9:00 AM Rating: 5

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