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TV to Radio: New Music from Little Mix, Phillip Phillips, Cyrus and more

DAM NATION has been a committed reality show aficionado throughout the years that it will be a crime if we don't celebrate these reality show alumnis post show success. In our own way of helping to promote these talented artists, DAM NATION is dedicating a biweekly blog post of new releases from your favorite reality show contestants. American Idol, X Factor, Got Talent and The Voice alumni have a special place for us and hopefully you support, rediscover and love these new tunes.

Here is another set of new releases. Enjoy!

CNCO (ft. Little Mix), Reggaeton Lento (Remix)
[Little Mix: X Factor UK 8 - Winner]

It looks like Simon is on his way to join the current hype of Despacito's success. After Matt Terry collaborated with Enrique Iglesias for a remix of the latter's single, we now have Simon's new Latin boy band and one of his successful girl group - Little Mix - in a dance tune. Reggaeton Lento (Remix) is a club banger with the girls ever reliable vocals front and center. The single is undeniably rhythmic despite not really showcasing anything new. Pretty decent.

Download the song below:

Cyrus, Alone
[X Factor Australia 7 - Winner]

Better! Alone brought Cyrus back on allowing him to strip back and rely mostly to his gorgeous vocals. While the single first verse reminds me of Rihanna's California King Bed, it builds up well in an acoustic themed single. Alone is sublime, simple and straight up. No grand production, no over done vocal tricks, it is what Cyrus does best.

Download the song below:

Caroline Pennell, Drive Me Home
[The Voice US 5 - Top 8]

Gorgeous! Caroline continues to deliver. While Drive Me Home is not the most exciting, it also is a pleasant, blissful effort. From Caroline's euphoric, quiet, soothing vocals to the production that accompanies it. Drive Me Home is a perfect road trip single and it relaxing.

Download the song below:
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Rachel Crow, Dime
[X Factor US 1 - Top 5]

Look how time flies. Rachel Crow is all grown up now and there is a more sense of confident and sensuality from the once young singer. Dime is a pretty decent introduction of her into a more broader, mature scope. The single is nothing spectacular but it shows some radio friendly qualities.

Download the song below:

Danielle Bradbery, Human Diary
[The Voice US 4 - Winner]

Danielle releases an emotional country pop ballad. The single which allows us to enjoy Danielle's gorgeous voice is a good contrast from her previous work. While the single is a bit generic, it also is more young in terms of structure as the lyrics seems to be taken from Danielle's diary - relatable, simple, not pretentious.

Download the song below:
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Phillip Phillips, Miles
[American Idol 11 - Winner]

Awesome tune. After 3 years, Phillip Phillips is releasing his new single and in a familiar state. Miles is nothing remotely different from his past tunes. It is the familiar, pop driven tune that relies mostly to Phillip's underrated vocals. It has a catchy chorus and a really memorable production. Miles is not something that exemplary elevates Phillips' discography but it was a safe, pleasing route to remind his fans and audience of his past hits. If it ain't broke, why fix it right?

Download the song below:
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