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Movie Review: #RealityHigh

While swabbed down to the point of utter harmlessness, Netflix's new original movie, #RealityHigh still failed miserably on every level with an uninspired pile of drivel. Seriously. This narrative was done to death already and somehow the film just didn't even care to deviate a little. The humor was excruciatingly bland, the pacing was beyond terrible, the characters were annoying, the writing was awful, and the film had a below juvenile level of superficiality. I don't know. #RealityHigh was loaded with too much cliches - like the usual loser trying to fit in with the popular students and gets recognition from a viral video - and it was just unbearable. #ThankGodItsOnlyOnNetflix.

Movie Review: #RealityHigh Reviewed by DAM on 11:42 AM Rating: 5

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