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Music Release: Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes "is simply beautiful."

Sam Smith, Too Good At Goodbyes

"You must think I'm stupid / You must think that I'm a fool" Sam coos as he starts the single in his velvety, melancholic voice. Accompanied by only a piano, Sam Smith brilliantly captured the emotional simplicity of the single. As soon as the single moves forward, the piano backtrack is joined by some snaps that beautifully allows the audience to savor Sam's gorgeous tone that is just front and center.

The single reaches a crescendo where a gospel choir - as if he really needs a back up - hits in. It puts  the single to a new dynamic, but mostly it just magnifies the message that the artist itself is Too Good At Goodbyes.

The story telling on the track is not as sad as Sam's Stay With Me but still captures enough emotional heft. The Oscar and Grammy winner made sure to stay faithful on that power ballad that he is known for yet differentiating this single to his previous ones - there is more sense of security. He now has a more stable grip of his emotions and the situation rather than relying mostly to the person (whoever it is dedicated to) that cause him the emotions.

Too Good At Goodbye is simply beautiful. The single most wonderful moment is when it is quiet. The first half where only the piano, snaps and Sam Smith's voice is what the audience is hearing is simply phenomenal. Same as the last part where it breaks back to a subtle and calm spirit. While the single misses a bridge element to actually elevates it to yet another pop classic, it is still one of the best releases of the year so far.

Too Good At Goodbyes is a power ballad that everyone could relate to. It is radio friendly, simple and accessible. Sam Smith has proven his worth as a writer and vocalist and this soaring ballad is yet another solid showing from the award winning Grammy artist!

Download the single below:
Music Release: Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes "is simply beautiful." Reviewed by Etan Musni on 1:36 AM Rating: 5

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