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The Voice US 13: Playoffs #TeamAdam

The performances weren't as strong as, say, Jennifer Hudson's team or to some extent Blake Shelton's, but there are some noteworthy contestants in this group. I'm not sure though that given Adam's chosen people to represent him into the lives if he has a chance to go all the way. As of now, I don't think so, but what do I know.

On with the show!

06. Whitney Fenimore
If It Makes You Happy
Was it just me or was the song too big for her voice? I watched some of her previous performances and I didn't think she'd struggle vocally, but the way she reached her higher register - especially in the chorus - was quite painful. Her pitch was inconsistent, her diction, like Miley mentioned, needed work, and it just wasn't a strong performance. Sadly. 5

05. Anthony Alexander
Ugh. Why this song Anthony? Don't get me wrong, I love myself some Ed Sheeran, but this was not a good song choice at this stage of the competition. Anthony is one of my favorites this season and this just did absolutely NOTHING for him. Sure, he had nice little moments, but it was sparse and subtle. Sigh. He should've done something in the lines of Redbone where his vocal ability is front and center including his fabulous falsetto. 6.5

04. Adam Cunningham
Have A Little Faith In Me
Adam, just like Red Marlow from #TeamBlake, has a pretty strong voice but nothing particularly unique. His version sounded good with his rasp and tone front and center as well as some well-placed high notes, but again, it feels like I'd get bored with all of this after two more performances. I might be wrong, but give that he's with Adam, that may actually be the case. 7

03. Jon Mero
When We Were Young
Other than the fact that his interpretation of the song didn't feel authentic - his emotions came off as staged more than anything else - I can deny the fact that he was vocally superior than most of the people on #TeamAdam. It was effortless, his phrasing choices were interesting, and his vocal range was insane. 8

02. Emily Luther
Ok. I'm still unsure if liked that almost Feeling Good type of arrangement for the song, but this was awesome. Her phrasing was impeccable, the way her voice navigated the complicated melody of the arrangement was on point, and the dynamics were just insanely good. It wasn't a flawless vocals, but the degree of difficulty just to pull this off was quite impressive. 8

01. Addison Agen
Angel From Montgomery
I mentioned this a number of times that I'm not the biggest fan of country, but there's something about Addison that makes me listen to her even more and take notice. Her tone sounded raw and sublime, the vocals were mostly on point, and there's a calmness to her that I enjoy. Can she be the country artist that will go all the way this season? I'm not sure yet, but let's see. 8

Addison Agen
Jon Mero
Adam Cunningham
The Voice US 13: Playoffs #TeamAdam Reviewed by DAM on 8:14 PM Rating: 5

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