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Movie Review: Rampage

While Rampage was indeed a mind-numbingly dumb popcorn film, I somehow still found it to be oddly entertaining. The visual effects were good, a few actions scenes were executed well, and both Dwayne Johnson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan made the most out of the ridiculous screenplay. Yes, the film was obnoxiously so far fetched - The Rock survived everything! - that I checked out from time to time. The villains were laughably one-dimensional, the acting performances were insanely cheesy, the dialogues were mostly awful, there were a couple of jokes that didn't land well, and some of the lazily crafted sequences were predictable and tired. Again, Rampage wasn't as rubbish as I expected. If you're in the mood for a switch-off-your-brain movie romp, then this isn't a terrible choice, but it was still a dreadfully mediocre film.

Movie Review: Rampage Reviewed by DAM on 9:44 PM Rating: 5

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