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The Voice US 14: Live Playoffs (Part 1) #TeamAlicia

#TeamAlicia, hands down, is the best team this season! I mean, I could easily pick five (5) people from this group who could actually give the rest of the contestants from the other teams a run for their money and to be honest, I can sense that the eventual winner will be from this team - unless, Blake does his magic again and win for some reason. Haha.

06. Johnny Bliss
America, America
Prepare for 50% English, 50% Spanish and 100% Boring. A contestant with a Latin flavour to them was a welcome sight on the show, but this almost felt like a gimmick more than anything. He sounded solid for the most part, but I couldn’t handle the song choice and entire act.

05. Terrence Cunningham
How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore
Oh no. I was excited when I heard about the song choice, but the idea to sing the song in his falsetto throughout the entire song was terrible. No, he didn’t sound bad, but it grated a bit towards the end that you just wanted him to sing on his normal vocals or just stop. It was a risk that somehow didn’t pay off. Sadly.

04. Britton Buchanan
Some Kind of Wonderful
I’ve enjoyed Britton’s run on the show so far - he reminds me so much of Clark Beckham - and while this one wasn’t as great as his other performances, I understood the intent of “performing” than purely “singing” and I thought it was brilliant. I mean, we’ve know he can sing, but this was an intelligent showcase of him as a total performer and it was good. The band drowned his vocals in parts, but he did power through by the end of it.

03. Christiana Danielle
Hey Ya!
Although the execution of her vision wasn’t completely flawless, this was still, arguably, the most creative and interesting performance of the entire night. The starting verse was just outstanding. Her lower register sounded gorgeous and how she created an almost somber feel to the arrangement was impressive. She did lost a bit of the momentum as soon as the band kicked in, which was unfortunate, but I digress. Interesting stuff.

02. Kelsea Johnson
You Know I’m No Good
Very nice! This was a brilliant song choice for her voice quality and vibe. I appreciated how she tweaked the melody and her phrasing to differentiate her rendition against the original. The rasp in her voice was front and centre and she sounded absolutely incredible. Plus, she looked really comfortable doing it.

01. Jackie Foster
Never Tear Us Apart
She did hit a couple of janky notes, but she really rocked it out. Her tone and timbre of her voice was pretty stellar and everything just fell into place. I knew that she had a powerful instrument, but I didn’t think she had this in her. Awesome!

Britton Buchanan
The Voice US 14: Live Playoffs (Part 1) #TeamAlicia Reviewed by DAM on 1:25 AM Rating: 5

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