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Movie Review: First Man

First Man left me a little conflicted as it played in the realms of acceptable and really good. 

Don't get me wrong, there was a lot to admire about the film. Technical aspect, in particular, was outstanding. Most of the film looked interestingly gritty and as soon as the lunar sequence started, the clarity of the scene was a brilliant contrast. There was also this great element of immersion especially on some of the cockpit scenes that was effectively unsettling and riveting. Of course, the acting was phenomenal from Ryan Gosling was remarkable at showing a lot without having to say anything, while Clair Foy added the emotional heft of the movie. 

Strangely though, the film did feel incredibly detached despite effectively writing an emotional backstory to the lead character. Was it Ryan Gosling's subdued and stoic performance? Or maybe the character of Neil Armstrong just didn't lend itself to drama? I don't know. It's a fascinating look, but not as impactful as it aimed to be. Also, the movie run a little too long with a better pacing.

First Man was a nuanced and competently crafted piece of cinema. It's visually astounding with strong performances, but failed to connect when it needed to. 

Movie Review: First Man Reviewed by DAM on 6:43 PM Rating: 5

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