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Movie Review: Glass

Let me go straight to the point: I actually enjoyed Glass, HOWEVER, I know that this is going to be another divisive movie from M Night Shyamalan.

I was fairly intrigued with storyline and I found the execution quite good. The first act was particularly seamless and how the movie balance out the concept of the two films before it into one was surprisingly impressive. Sure, the end product felt like I was watching three completely different films in one, but nothing felt out of place. The bold ending was, well.. bold and the twist was rather interesting, but it's not for everyone - either you get it or you don't. One extremely potent redeeming qualities of the film though was James McAvoy's brilliant performance and one can't argue about that.

Glass was a very solid film until the third act where it will probably split the audience. No pun intended. Ha.

Movie Review: Glass Reviewed by DAM on 9:09 PM Rating: 5

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