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Movie Review: Isn't It Romantic

I wasn't really expecting Isn't It Romantic to be something more than your run-of-the-mill romantic fluff, but I was cruelly disappointed given the brilliant premise of the film. It really offered the possibility of something clever and fresh, but it somehow ended awfully flat and hilariously fell under the same garbage the film was making fun of. The execution was inconsistent, the narrative was a disjointed mess with some oddly written scenes, the pacing was off, and the humor came off forced and too slapstick for my taste. Also, Rebel Wilson was nothing short of irritating and a ghastly cliche with her familiar brand of comedy, which didn't work with the material - same with the annoying Adam DeVine. Other than the premise, Isn't It Romantic had nothing new or better to offer as it just glided along on its potential without executing everything properly. It wasn't entirely an awful dreck, but I've seen better. Good thing, it's free on Netflix. Haha.

Movie Review: Isn't It Romantic Reviewed by DAM on 3:15 PM Rating: 5

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