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Movie Review: Legion

The suck-factor of this movie was biblical! Pun intended.

Seriously. This was one abysmal storyline. God is fed up with humanity so he decides to destroy it. He sent a flood the first time, and now God sends his angels to wipe out the entire human race on earth as if everybody was bad. WTF!

And not only was the plot somewhat religiously insensitive, but almost everything went unexplained for nearly half the film. No grasp on the basics of competent storytelling.

The characters simply appeared, delivered a five minute pointless character traits and then CHAOS! Heck, I didn't even see any reason why I need to know too much about these people. For one, they just don't matter in the larger scheme of things; and secondly, they were killed in such "blink and they're dead" moments that I wonder why I even bothered to learn their names in the first place, much less where and how they grew up.

Moreover, I, for one, can only suspend my belief up to a certain point. So I just don't understand how a woman on her last trimester could be so agile and had that superhuman ability to give birth in a minute. Not only was she able to pop that thing out like a torpedo, but she was up and running minutes after giving birth without any sort of medical care or whatnot. Unbelievable.

To be fair though, the movie started off quite well with an interesting potential but faltered in execution for the rest of the film. The acting was mostly decent - especially Paul Bettany who, I thought, had the right combination of leading man good looks, physicality and acting chops. The entertainment value was also evident.

I also loved that the film offered action scenes I've not seen before. Angels clad for battle with an armour and a combat weapon - and of course, the metallic wings used both defensively and offensively in quite elegant ways. It was indeed interesting but that's not saying much about the movie.

Sadly, I can find better action with a more compelling storyline in Daybreakers. I mean, if you have to see a grown man with wings this week, a safer bet would be Tooth Fairy. Hahaha. Enough Said.

Movie Review: Legion Reviewed by DAM on 4:52 AM Rating: 5

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