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Movie Review: Paano Na Kaya

Star Cinema never ceases to amuse me. Really. I thought that they were able to produce yet again another decent to good movie - a feat which I think other local mainstream movie outfits struggle to achieve.

Frankly, this movie wasn't life-changing, more so, something profound. I thought the premise wasn't out of the ordinary - which didn't shock me - but I found the plot pretty convincing and the subject matter surprisingly mature. And yes, it wasn't the most original and sometimes almost predictable, sterotypical and cheesy, but I couldn't care less as the story managed to give a consistent feel of reality. It may cringe some for being too schmaltzy, but that happens in real life! Haha.

Acting wise, the cast did shockingly well. I thought that the chemistry between the leads was palpable. Kim Chiu gave a somewhat formidable performance in this film. I, personally, never considered her as an actress with substance and depth but she's slowly proving herself to be a worthy actor. Gerald Anderson, on the other hand, had his moments. He held his own next to Kim Chiu's dependable performance. I seriously saw major improvements from his previous acting stints.

One quibble I had though with the movie was the overwrought script. Initially, there was really something good and at times brilliantly witty in the writing but the script just didn't hold up. And although that was basically harsh reality talking, the dialogues could've been better. Also, the production design was just too quirky for my taste.

I'm not going to lie - tweak minor facts in the storyline and you've just probably saw a movie about my lovelife. Haha. The same reason why I didn't care much about how obvious the story was and other movie technicalities. I excruciatingly enjoyed everything as a whole.

The movie had its own mishaps but it was generally forgivable, at least to me. Ha. It was a simple love story that was well complemented by a good cast, a decent story and a solid direction. It is what it is. Haha.

Movie Review: Paano Na Kaya Reviewed by DAM on 4:55 AM Rating: 5

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