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Movie Review: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Prepare to get served.. literally! Haha.

At first, the whole premise sounded a little too peculiar and odd for my taste [no pun intended]. However, this film surprisingly made me become a child again. It was imaginative, funny and a good eye candy. What's there not to like?

Not only was the film quirky and had that thoughtful and imaginative storyline, it also exuded humor through its likeable characters, discerning messages and vivid visual style. I found the jokes to be in good taste and genuinely funny - having both slapstick humor and more subtle satirical jokes. There was undeniably a lot of ingenuity and cleverness that was wraped around the film.

Visually, the animation and style of the film wasn't at par to the usual Pixar movies - though I think comparing it to those productions would be a bit unfair. I thought that there was something very old-fashioned in the film's look and the way it was animated. The character design, for instance, was just fairly average. While I've seen more impressive stuff done by Pixar, watching the giant food rain was an absolute blast, to say the least.

One minor quibble though about the movie was that at some point there was perhaps an excess of originality that I felt the movie crammed as many ideas as conceivably possible. I sometimes found myself overwhelmed and desiring some filler scenes [not good] to give the movie more of a flow.

Still, the movie was unique, original and it didn't try to imitate anyone else. And despite the fact that it wasn't particularly complex and thought-provoking, it was still a very entertaining and effective animated film. Oh, and did I mention the film was a visual feast - again, no pun intended? Ha.

Movie Review: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Reviewed by DAM on 4:58 AM Rating: 5

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