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Movie Review: Valentine's Day

On paper, a lot can go wrong when you have too many A-list actors and too many parallel stories to deal with. Much to my surprise, this was actually a good movie. It was entertaining and not overly schmaltzy!

Frankly, the film was so predictable, contrived and cliched that it probably described the celebration of Valentine's Day itself. And while the story may be a little too common - what movie isn't these days? - it was only fair to say that it had a few nice surprises up it's sleeves too.

I thought that majority of the movie was cleverly written with the storylines segue into each other effortlessly. It was littered with fantastic humor and kept me laughing all the way. Yes. The story did move around a lot from character to character - thus less character development - but I felt that there was a decent effort to get that coherent story where the parts add up to a whole.

The cast, obviously, was the strongest thing about this film. I thought that almost everyone gave compelling performances, apart from Jessica Alba who looked bored and unenthused in the movie, thankfully, she only had a small part. Ashton Kutcher was very good and he pulled off one of the bigger roles really well. I fell in love with Jennifer Garner all over again and Jessica Biel had charisma to spare. I loved Bradley Cooper and Julia Robert's storyline. Taylor Swift was surprisingly funny and annoying, although I think she was supposed to be. Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah and Topher Grace weren't so bad either. Sadly, Taylor Lautner and Kathy Bates were underused. Also, Hector Elizandro and Shirley Maclaine's storyline should have been fleshed out a bit more, I think.

Overall, a definite guilty pleasure. I found just about everything I expected to find in a movie of this sort. It's more meaningful to reiterate that this flick was well made, capably acted, plenty of good laughs with some tender moments and sweet poignant surprise twist at the end.

Movie Review: Valentine's Day Reviewed by DAM on 5:01 AM Rating: 5

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