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Movie Review: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Oh my Gods and Goddesses! Haha.

I've never been a big fan of Greek mythology, so based upon that criteria I've never been a big fan of movies about the subject. And although it did have its fair share of plot loopholes for me to ridicule, I thought the movie was decent - at the very least. Not bad but far from excellent.

Plot wise, it was extremely straight forward - though it was nothing I would not expect from a movie like this. The story, I thought, was a bit thin, flat and two dimensional. I was told that this was an adaptation from a book but the screenplay was lacking. The whole 'demi-god camp' with hundreds of God offspring seemed a little peculiar, considering the limited amount of Gods to begin with. And the fact that the whole thing took place in the United States ALONE struck me somewhat odd.

The action and fight scenes left much to be desired. So much potential wasted from start to end. To say that it met the basic action fight scene requirements for a movie in this genre would be somewhat of an insult to its contemporaries. I thought that the choreography of the 'sword fighting scenes' for instance were a bit disjointed thus allowing it to feel staged.

On the other hand, the visual effects, while nothing groundbreaking, were done to an acceptable level. I was extremely impressed with the mean looking design of the Underworld. The scoring wasn't overbearing but nothing memorable aside from the misplaced Poker Face and TikTok. Haha.

The casting ensemble was done correctly. I thought Logan Leman did a fantastic job as the lead. He was certainly convincing enough and he kept things moving along over some rough spots with plenty of charisma and twinkle. Also, the veteran actors were well within their comfort zones so they did okay. Believable but sorely lacking in depth and emotions.

As a single movie for a bit of Hollywood entertainment, it was fine. It did feel a bit empty with some cheap thrills and cheap laughs but that didn't surprise me at all. Simply put, it was a mind-numbingly raw experience from beginning to end.

Movie Review: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief Reviewed by DAM on 5:02 AM Rating: 5

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