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Movie Review: Dear John

This was a wonderful and heartbreaking story. It wasn't perfect - far from it actually - but I fell in love with it immediately.

I haven't read the book - written by Nicholas Sparks - but the plot, I thought, was absolutely stunning and fairly unpredictable. The storyline was engaging and somehow took me on an emotional journey from start to finish. I also loved the touching subplot, which made the movie that much more interesting.

The narrative was also good at the beginning although as the story progressed, it started jumping into scenes that I lost track of its essence including the awkwardly-executed twist that lead the film into a murky second half. Having said that, the love story at its core was charming and endearing.

The two leads, Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfriend, did surprisingly well in their roles. I have to say that the chemistry between them was believable, intense and undeniably noteworthy. I thought that it was certainly the best thing about this film. Individually, Tatum came through pretty well. He emerged as seething with emotion, but strong in holding back. Seyfried, on the other hand, wasn't distinctive but adequate and very sincere.

The real remarkable performance, however, was given by the incredible Richard Jenkins as Tatum's father. He delivered a remarkable performance that, though limited in duration, was packed with emotion and honesty. I thought that his powerful performance resonated in every single second he was in.

Yes, it may have been a little dramatic at times and the feel-good ending was a bit far-fetched and trite, but everything else considered, this was worth seeing. Maybe not as good as The Notebook but it has its own charm to boot. I was satisfied - to say the least.

Movie Review: Dear John Reviewed by DAM on 5:07 AM Rating: 5

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