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Movie Review: Inception

What is the most resilient parasite? An Idea! Nice!

Inception, to me, was unlike any other. Seriously. It combined heart-stopping action, mind bending psychological concept and deep emotional conflicts, then wrapped them in a tight, perfectly edited package, and kicked you with them in the face. Haha. That's what I felt.

Truth be told, the plot was not easy to follow. I mean, yes, the story was simple but the idea of entering the dream state and the associated details made everything a little complex than usual. However, I found that regardless of how complex the storyline got, it somehow pulled off the miracle of not making it seemed overwrought.

Now, the interesting part about this was the fact that I wasn't so surprised at how little I understand, but rather how much I understand. Really. The script and pacing was done so well that everything was explained in a perfect amount of detail, which eventually served to make the movie a mind-blowing climax of epic proportions.

Technically, it didn't disappoint one bit. If there was one word to describe the cinematography, the set designs and the special effects, that's exceptional - and it's even an understatement. I mean, it goes without saying that the special effects and whatnot were one of the highlights of this movie - probably The Matrix of this time, but in a much subtler way. The scoring, to me, was to die for as well.

As for the performances, I thought they were pitch perfect. The cast seemed committed to the hob at hand, and much of the supporting characters did just as great a job as the main lead, Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, as I've said before, I wasn't a fan of his until Shutter Island and Inception made me appreciate him even more. His performance here may or may not fetch him an Oscar, but this was, arguably, one of his finest performances to date. I thought he flawlessly provided the emotional and narrative center of the film. Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Marion Cottilard, on the other hand, all turned in rock star performances.

Every shot, every angle, every sequence of this movie was absolutely stellar. Every plot twist, every line off their script was sheer genius. The pacing was perfect, and the story was destined to become a classic. Obviously, this proved that even the biggest summer blockbusters - at least, in the US - can be intelligent and artistic. If Nolan's The Dark Knight was the revolution, I personally think than Inception is the reign established afterward. Haha.

Movie Review: Inception Reviewed by DAM on 1:03 AM Rating: 5

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