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Movie Review: The Last Airbender

I'll admit, I extremely have little knowledge of this Nickelodeon cartoon making me unaware of what to expect with the movie. That being said, any good adaptation of a TV show or a book should be accessible to someone who has never seen the source material. This film, however, wasn't.

To me, this was an absolute mess of a movie. Seriously. The story felt rushed and it somehow jumped around in a totally nonsensical manner. There was absolutely NO time spent on characterization and none of the characters had any depth at all and may as well have been cardboard cutouts.

Major plot points were summarized through narration or montage that somehow left any person not familiar with the story - including me - absolutely dumbfounded. Plus, there were some things that just were flat out stupid - a girl saw something under the ice that looked scary and so she smashed the ice without any motivation? Give me a break.

The writing was horrendous and the direction was a bit choppy. I mean, certain scenes made little sense, the camera lingered on other similarly senseless scenes, and at times the camera angles were difficult to follow.

Oh, and the acting was bad across the board, with the exception of Dev Patel. The child cast as the main lead delivered his lines as if he was reciting them off a cue card. The two water tribe children were no better. Heck, even some of the background extras acted awkwardly. But of course, there were no real survivors to M. Shyamalan's clunker of a script. Good thing, some of the adult actors managed to find their way somewhat on their own. Haha.

If I have one good thing to say about the film, I personally thought that the visuals were good, although I got less than what I expected. Haha. They can never win no?

Movie Review: The Last Airbender Reviewed by DAM on 1:08 AM Rating: 5

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