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Movie Review: Grown Ups

Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade and Chris Rock hanging out in a lake house, cracking wise jokes at each other for two hours. So what's the plot? Well, that IS the plot. Haha.

Grown Ups, to me, was that typical comedy movie that couldn't be more predictable, more formulaic, or more unoriginal than it was. Yes, it wasn't as awful as I expected it to be because it was so cliched that it possibly cannot be a disappointment. However, it was still far away from being a good movie because of how familiar it seemed. The story can't get more paper-thin than that right?

The other problem I had with this flick was that I laughed maybe three times - and I'm being generous here - throughout the whole movie. There were lots of jokes but most of them felt forced or just went over my head. The childish humor had no substance and it just came off very dry. Also, the family moments were forced and felt awkward to even watch. Seriously.

For a redeeming quality, the performances weren't too shabby. I actually found most of the characters pretty likable, though a bit too two-dimensional. And.. That's it. Haha.

Personally, I thought the whole movie was pointless. I mean, if you have a by-the-numbers plot, typical performances, and a been-there-done-that tone, then what's the point of making a movie? It's not even THAT entertaining. A lackluster effort which was dumb, disappointing, and decidedly demented.

Movie Review: Grown Ups Reviewed by DAM on 1:15 AM Rating: 5

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