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Movie Review: Charlie St. Cloud

This movie was actually better than I thought it would be. Yes, there was nothing profound - aside from a few thoughtful dynamics in the film's third act - but it was definitely a decent "romantic" drama, nothing more and nothing less.

I admit, parts of the story felt a little contrived and too convenient, but the overall plot was actually quite endearing and compelling. It also wasn't the most original - I somehow saw the "unexpected" twist on some other film - but because it was just a simple love story that didn't pretend to be ambitious and didn't force out-of-place tears, I liked it for what it was. I actually found the main premise to be sweet and quite modest.

Now, I also had problems with its pretty dull script, but the way the movie was filmed and acted made it a little interesting. Truth be told, I was thoroughly impressed with Zac Efron's performance in this film. I mean, despite how gorgeous Efron was, it was pretty clear that he's capable of an above-mediocre acting. He had nearly nothing to work with but he made this movie captivating because of how carefully he played his words and showed his emotion. Nothing felt forced. The lead actress, Amanda Crew, on the other hand, did a passable job - she wasn't terrible but not great either.

On technical merits, the film surprisingly didn't disappoint. The movie, I thought, was exceptionally shot and the cinematography was beautiful. The lush forest and ocean water surrounding the cemetery and town were magnificent. If anything, it actually redeemed some quibbles I had with it.

For the most part, I enjoyed Charlie St. Cloud. It wasn't the best movie EVER, but it has enough to make it an above average date movie. Personally though, if the film was handled by a more sensitive director, this could have been a very touching coming of age film. Too bad.

Movie Review: Charlie St. Cloud Reviewed by DAM on 1:29 AM Rating: 5

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