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Movie Review: Due Date

Let me start by saying that this film was not quite at the level of The Hangover, which I absolutely adored. I admit, it had some good laughs here and there - especially if you have somehow managed to avoid the trailers - but other than that, the movie was just 'ehhh' - for lack of a better term. Haha.

Don't get me wrong,  the premise was pretty much along the same line as any other standard road trip movie with an overly used formula complete with tears, accidents and drugs. Actually, I thought the film handled that part quite well. Unfortunately, it somehow never managed to quite rise above the level of decently executing ideas I've seen oh so many times before.

Sure, that fact didn't make the humor unfunny by default, but it also didn't make me gasp for air because of some serious laughter. A chuckle or maybe a couple of good laughs, but never the hilarity that the other movies, say, The Hangover, offered. Some of the jokes seemed forced and even the punchlines weren't as inspired as I was hoping for. Heck, not even the story provided interesting turns of events - it was predictable from start to finish.

Now, a Robert Downey Jr. - Zach Galifianakis casting would've been a dream pair as they are both considered some of the funniest actors in Hollywood today. However, the silly writing ruined them for me - particularly Galifianakis' character, which was close to being so utterly and life-threateningly moronic that it was nearly impossible to like him. Yes, both actors performed decently well for me to keep up with the story but something just didn't work. I don't know.

Overall, it was okay. I mean, the lack of new ideas and its predictability left me with a "so what?" feeling after the credits. Here's hoping that The Hangover 2 will bring more to the table.

Movie Review: Due Date Reviewed by DAM on 2:04 AM Rating: 5

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