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Movie Review: You Again

If nothing else, you have to like this film for the high powered cast that was put together.

I mean, with well known stars such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver, Victor Garber, Betty White and yes, even Kristen Bell, you know there will be quality performances and with those names, this couldn't be a disaster. Well, it wasn't but it's a little lame, if I'm being honest.

The story itself was relatively predictable filled with cliches and overplayed scenes. It was so paint-by-the numbers that literally, I guessed every scene in my head. The direction, while competent, was nothing special. The script was marred by moments of melodrama that undermined the marginal believability of the story. Heck, even with a good cast, their genuine talent wasn't enough to overcome some of the things they needed to say and do.

Sure, the performances of the actors might have been good - especially Betty White, who could get away with anything. Ha! - but with an abysmal script and a mediocre direction, does good acting going to cut it? Unfortunately not. I agree that the premise was worth exploring, just not with this kind of script. Seriously. The humor was slapstick and when it's not trying to be funny, the film took itself way too seriously by including numerous dramatic scenes that took away from the fun that the film could have had.

I don't know. I was moderately entertained and mildly amused while watching it, but when the movie was played out, I was less than fulfilled. Yes, the cinematography was nice, I'll give it that, but I rather have quality than a little pretty package.

I've got nothing more to say. Weird. Haha.

Movie Review: You Again Reviewed by DAM on 2:07 AM Rating: 5

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