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American Idol 15: Auditions Part 4

While this was a lot better than the lackluster Wednesday episode, I found this one pretty disjointed. Yes, there were some pretty interesting artists featured here and some I could see going deep into the competition, but a lot of them seemed talented, but not American Idol Winner material. I don't know if it was just me, but that's my entire sentiment about the past two episodes.

Next week, we're on to the LAST TWO AUDITION EPISODES EVER! :(

For now, enjoy what they had to offer.

Amber Lynn
There were some nice moments in her audition and her vocals were pretty good, but I find her incredibly forgettable. She deserved another shot, but I don't see her lasting very long. 7

James VIII
Sun Comes Up
Look, Amber Lynn maybe stronger vocally than James, but this guy had more interesting facets to his voice that would make him a clear stand out in Hollywood. Yes, his affected tone may work against him eventually, but I digress. 7.5

CJ Johnson
You Make My Dreams Come True
This was a solid audition. I surely wasn't expecting much from him - given how he presented himself - but his version of the song was quite riveting. His crystal clear tone was gorgeous, the arrangement was brilliant, and that little falsetto was a pleasant surprise. I'll keep an eye on this one. 8.5

Ethan Kuntz
Stormy Monday
Can't deny the fact that Ethan can sing with a lot more grit and passion than a normal kid, but I don't see him as the next American Idol. He's just WAY too raw for this competition. 6

Mary Williams
Until I Can Make It On My Own
There's nothing remotely exciting about this audition. Really. 5

Terrian Bass
This had to be the saddest version of Happy. Haha. 4

Thomas Stringfellow
Give Me Love
He's really good. There's something about his voice that's quite appealing - from the quality of his tone down to those little breaks in his vocals - and he's not bad to look at either. I'm pretty sure that what's left on the demo of the show will eat this kid up and he'd probably sail through if he gets into the voting round. 8.5

Tywan Tank Jackson
Eh. Not a fan. His vocals were inconsistent with no breathe support whatsoever. Plus, he's incredibly old fashioned it hurts. Ha. 4

John Wayne Schulz
The Dance
I remember him during Scotty's season and I was a little shocked that the judges passed up on him during that time. I'm glad he's back and this audition proved how strong a storyteller he is. He has a strong country voice and he's just an all around nice guy that people can easily root for. 8

Jordyn Simone
Who's Loving You
She's clearly talented - though her upper register sounded a tad shrill in parts - but I don't think she's identifiable enough to make a bigger impact. She's good, but, arguably, less stellar than some of the 15-year-old singers before her. 7

Jake Dillon
Danny's Song
Jake sounded a little too rough around the edges and incredibly raw, but there's something about him that could really surprise people. Not that it truly mattered, but his backstory would give a potentially fantastic growth arc for this guy. We'll see. 7.5

Ashley Lilinoe
Black Velvet
While she came off too laid back for my taste - mind you, laid back is an understatement - her version of Black Velvet was VERY interesting. Her smooth and buttery tone worked well with the arrangement and her delivery was spot on. Very nice. 8

Andrew Nazarbekian
Make You Feel My Love
Effortless, but nothing to write home about. Next. 6.5

Elvie Shane
House Of The Rising Sun
Nice. I was ready to hear another overdone version of the song, but Elvie made something fresh out of the song. The rhythm and driving beat he infused with the arrangement was unexpectedly good, his vocals gloriously echoed in that room, and it was an impassioned audition. He reminded me so much of Crystal Bowerson. 8.5
American Idol 15: Auditions Part 4 Reviewed by DAM on 3:12 AM Rating: 5

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