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The Voice Australia 5: Top 12

Not going to lie, The Voice Australia has been pretty impressive this season and I'm thoroughly entertained. No, the remaining finalists weren't perfect, but they had enough charisma to carry an entire episode - that and of course, the fantastic coaches. Also, I'm enjoying the fact that there are no clear standouts and they are clearly battling out every episode. This is going to be exciting!


03. Aaliyah Warren
Killing Me Softly
Yes, there was a marked improvement from Aaliyah in terms of her presentation - she was less stiff - and the consistency of her vocals. However, she absolutely had ZERO connection to the song. Her eyes wandered throughout the entire performance. It was slightly uncomfortable to watch. 6.5

02. Lane Sinclair
Life On Mars
Wait, what happened to the country girl? This was a total departure from Lane's comfort zone that it almost felt too contrived. I don't know. The vocals were good, but I just didn't buy the whole thing. It was as if I was watching someone perform something out of pure obligation. 6.5

01. Andrew Loadsman
Hold Back The River
Not going to lie, Andrew's blind audition was possibly one of the best this season - if not the best - but since then, his performances have been pretty underwhelming. Hold Back The River was a vast improvement from Say Something and it certainly had terrific moments, but his voice still sounded very much affected with some of the vocal choices jarring and labored. I'm hoping he'd find the right balance stat. 7.5

Aaliyah Warren

Lane Sinclair



03. Ellen Reed
Stone Cold
While this was another strong vocal performance from Ellen - nevermind that she had a couple pitch issues during the verses - I didn't think she really inhabited the true meaning of the song. I was waiting for her performance to move me, but it didn't. Her interpretation felt slightly shallow and that somehow pulled me away from her performance. Vocally solid, but nothing else. 7.5

02. Jack Pellow
Stressed Out
Brilliant arrangement! I didn't exactly know where Jack will take this song, but the tempo and the vibe he added to the song fit him as an artist perfectly. I thought his vocal transitions were flawless, his unique tone sounded good with the song choice, and he looked a lot more comfortable on stage than ever before. He has so much potential! 8

01. Mikaela Dean
Wow. I cringed at the song choice initially, but Mikaela somehow managed to deliver something special. The beginning sounded sublime and just when I figured she'd mess up as soon as the band kicked in, her vocals soared even higher. I thought her pitch remained intact despite running around the stage and the choices she made vocally were quite riveting especially that breakdown towards the end. Fantastic! 9

Ellen Reed

Ellen Reed



03. Adam Ladell
Chasing Cars
I've never been a fan of Adam's work the past few rounds, but this was actually a solid performance. I thought the song choice sounded perfect for his tone, he looked incredibly comfortable with the material and it showed with how he worked the stage. His vocals weren't perfect and I wanted to hear more dynamics, but this was a good effort from him. 7

02. Alfie Arcuri
Lay Me Down
Look, Alfie delivered a solid vocal performance with Lay Me Down, but the song choice was too predictable that it lacked some sense of excitement. He didn't do anything to the song to create a lasting impression and it just sounded like a competent cover of the song. Delta, he needs a lot more creative song choices moving forward! 7.5

01. Kim Sheehy
Wild Things
So. Much. Goodness. Kim is starting to prove her worth since the live show started. The acoustic arrangement was brilliant as it allowed her to play with the tempo and melody of the song to highlight her strenghts as a vocalist. Those long notes sounded great and her tone was just gorgeous. 8.5

Adam Ladell

Kim Sheehy



03. Mitch Gardner
Wasn't Expecting That
His tone sounded gorgeous! To be honest, I didn't think his voice was anything distinct until he churned out easy listening performances since the live shows started. I was hoping for some dynamics though as it felt like it didn't go anywhere. 7

02. Tash Lockhart
This was good. It went a little frantic as soon as the band kicked in, but it was a strong charismatic performance. I would've liked less movements from her and more controlled vocals, but I digress. 7.5

01. Georgia Wiggins
Fast Car
There's just something seriously compelling about Georgia. Yes, she missed a cue towards the end, but the rest of her performance just sounded divine. I thought her phrasing were exquisite, the hitch on her voice added dimension to the performance, and that tone!! If she gets to control her nerves, she could be unstoppable. 7.5

Mitch Gardner

Georgia Wiggins
The Voice Australia 5: Top 12 Reviewed by DAM on 3:30 AM Rating: 5

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