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The Voice Australia 5: Top 8

Surprise! Surprise! Ok, not really. I actually got most of the eliminations right save for Mikaela Dean of Team Jessie J who I thought killed Finally last week. That one was a total shock to me. But other than that, though I loved Kim Sheehy and Victoria Wiggins, it was a bit predictable.

This week, the performances were good with a couple of meltdowns and train wrecks and a former frontrunner taking the lead with a fantastic number. I wonder if the Maddens getting a time off broke the "momentum" of one of their artists. Things are going to be interesting.

On with the show!

08. Aaliyah Warren
Don't Let Me Down
It had a promising start until she second guess herself, yet again, and the performance went straigt to hell. Her vocals were abysmal as the song progressed and she looked defeated towards the end. I'm now beginning to think that Jessie was right to send her home until the Maddens saved her. This was painful to watch despite looking like a legitimate popstar. 3

07. Jack Pellow
Hotline Bling
What was that? Not sure what Jessie was grinning about during this performance because that vocals were a hot mess. On paper, this should've worked given the moody quality of Jack's voice and the route that they went with the arrangement, but it had too much elements to it that it sounded all over the place. Can he survive this performance? 3.5

06. Mitch Gardner
Love Yourself
Was this the wrong song for Mitch? I'm not so sure. No, he didn't sound awful and his tone added some unexpected quality to the song, but it was a little lightweight for me. It didn't have enough punch except the infused texture and grit in parts. I don't know. I think he's talented, but too laidback to make a lasting impression. 6.5

05. Adam Ladell
Delta did a good job finding a song that's perfect for Adam's voice and range. He did hit a couple of wonky notes, but I felt like he did the best with the material he was given. I still think he doesn't have enough charisma to be successful in the real music world, but I digress. 7

04. Alfie Arcuri
I Can't Make You Love Me
Not sure how Australia will find the song choice - I personally thought it didn't do him any favor given how overdone the song choice was - but Alfie had some great moments with the performance. There was an apparent strong connection to the song, the rasp in his voice gave his delivery some dimension, and it was overall a solid performance, albeit terribly unexciting. 7.5

03. Ellen Reed
Since U Been Gone
You know what, I actually saw Kelly Clarkson in her - since she performed Ghost two weeks ago - and this performance made me realize that she has the potential to be as good as the original American Idol, but she's not quite there yet. The vocals were solid if a bit karaoke for someone under Jessie J's wings. I don't know. It was a good, to say the least. 7.5

02. Tash Lockhart
I may be in the minority, but I will back up Ronan on this. Sure, she'd been all over the place throughout the competition in terms of her identity as an artist, but that's not to say she's not slaying every single one of them. I thought she sounded magnificent on the song, her vocals soared, and there's great control to her voice. She also looked absolutely divine. 8.5

01. Andrew Loadsman
Gold On The Ceiling
Total! Rockstar! Performance! I've been disapppointed with Andrew's performances since the Live Show started, but this was stellar! He worked that stage like nobody's business, his vocals sounded impeccable, and the song choice was perfect for his tone. Fantastic job! 9

Aaliyah Warren
Jack Pellow

Aaliyah Warren
Ellen Reed
The Voice Australia 5: Top 8 Reviewed by DAM on 3:29 AM Rating: 5

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