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X Factor Australia 8: 3-Chair Challenge #TeamGuy #Overs

No matter how brutal and godawful this Chair Challenge is across all franchise of X Factor, one can't deny the sheer brilliance of it for good TV. I cringed. I laughed. I cheered. Name it.

This was the last category for the 3-Chair Challenge and I have some pretty strong opinion about Guy's decisions and eventual results. I'm hoping Mel B will correct everything and possibly have the strongest category this season.

On with the show!

08. Dave Stereo
Running Up That Hill
I can't fault Dave's singing ability - his version of this Kate Bush song was genuine and emotional - but at the same time, I can't shake the feeling that he joined the wrong show. X Factor has always been about finding the next popstar, and while I don't discount his talent, I don't see him fitting the mold. Ever. Maybe try The Voice? 6

07. Davey Woder
Stand By Me
Eh. I somehow understood why the audience connected with him incredibly well during his performance of Stand By Me - his vocals had enough grit that gave the song some unexpected dimension - but on a technical standpoint, Davey had some pitch problems the entire performance with a couple of sharp moments in there. Guy wanted someone who's honest, and I guess he got that from him, but other than that, it's a relatively weak performance. 6.5

06. Omar Terzic
To Love Somebody
His personality during the audition was a little off putting to say the least, but I felt like he tried to be less annoying this time. His vocals were still pretty spot on with melodic choices that were impressive especially with a song as overdone as To Love Somebody. I think he has a ton of potential, but the competition's just too strong this year. 7.5

05. Timmy Knowles
Love On The Brain
Timmy was like the more polished version of Davey. The raspy and gritty tone was front and center, the song choice was genius, and I thought that there was enough connection to actually sell the performance. The problem I have with Timmy right now is that he's arguably generic and bland. 8

04. Naisa Lasalosi
Love Me Harder
The song choice alone was bold for Naisa and to have it arranged in that way gave enough emphasis to his stellar vocal ability. I thought the beginning and ending was outstanding, but left me a little unsure in the middle as he sounded a little breathy. His phrasing choices were also a tad distracting. That being said, his rendition was solid. 8.5

03. Zebulen Howell
Stole The Show
Zebulen has this tone that you either love or hate, and fortunately, I'm part of the former. I don't agree with Adam that Stole The Show was the wrong song for him because I found it to even highlight the strengths of his unique vocal tone. I would've wanted a little more power or climax into the arrangement, but that's a minor thing. I thought this was fabulous. 8.5

02. Ruby Mills
When We Were Young
She's no Adele, but how she managed to pull it off despite the tall order was quite spectacular. I thought her vocal control was terrific, some of her melodic choices insanely good, and there's an indelible sense of coolness in her. Given how diverse her two performances were, I instantly could tell that's she's versatile enough to handle any theme in the live shows.. that is if she's part of it. 8.5

01. Chynna Taylor
My Hero
The vocal horsepower of this lady was insane! I admit, I'm not so keen about Chynna despite her solid audition, but this actually sealed the deal for me. First, I didn't expect her to sing some Foo Fighters and to arrange it like that to give way for some of her fabulous wailing was brilliant. The vocal dynamics was fantastic, the build up was great, and of course, her vocals were top notch. I couldn't be any happier with her. Great job! 9

Chynna Taylor
Davey Woder
Timmy Knowles

Guy made some really questionable decisions throughout the episode. He wanted to have a diverse group and with screwing up with his category, he ended up with a powerhouse vocalist, and two guys who are basically the same. It's unfortunate because the Overs had so much potential and he ended up with, arguably, the most boring and least exciting category.
X Factor Australia 8: 3-Chair Challenge #TeamGuy #Overs Reviewed by DAM on 3:42 AM Rating: 5

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