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X Factor Australia 8: 3-Chair Challenge #TeamAdam #Unders

Ok. X Factor Australia Season 8 has been incredibly stellar - from the judges to the talent - that I decided to write about it as early as now. You see, I usually wait until the first live shows before I post something about it, but I just can't contain myself.

This season has been outstanding so far. I thought Adam Lambert and Iggy Azalea were fantastic additions to the show, the twist of an underdog judge with Mel B was BRILLIANT, and of course, the talent pool this season has been off the roof - case in point, Adam's Under 22s. I mean, just listen to each one of them and it's almost impossible to just pick three (3) out of these great singers.

On with the show!

07. Maddison Milewski
Who Wants To Live Forever
Technically, Madisson sounded almost seamless. Her vocal range and control were unbelievable. However, like Adam mentioned, her version was lacking some genuine emotions. Yes, she looked like she was "feeling" it, but it didn't seem real and that's a huge problem. 7

06. Vlado Saric
Wildest Dreams
Vlado may not be the strongest singer and compared to Maddison has a limited range, but there's something about him that's extremely appealing. I thought his version of Taylor Swift's hit was good, the arrangement was brilliant for his voice, and he's just incredibly charismatic. On a different season, he could easily be a frontrunner, but with a strong talent this year, he needed to be spectacular. 7.5

05. Bailey Spalding
I've been a fan of Bailey since her audition and I thought Heroes was very good. Her vocals was grounded, there's a haunting quality to it that's interesting, and she's gorgeous. It's unfortunate though that she's within the same lane as the perceived frontrunner, Amalia Foy. Between the two, Bailey's more polished and that worked for and against her - to some extent. I wish she comes back next year. 8.5

04. Amalia Foy
Piece By Piece
There's something outstandingly ethereal and raw about Amalia's performances and her rendition of Kelly Clarkson's weepy ballad was no different. Her vocals sounded good, I liked that she took her time caressing the words and melody of the song, and her connection to the song was palpable. That being said, I'm starting to wonder if she's versatile enough for a show like X Factor. I mean, I don't want to sit through the entire season with her singing ballads. The special quality of her voice will eventually become stale and that's problematic. 9

03. Isaiah Firebrace
If I Ain't Got You
I didn't see this one coming. Yes, I know he can sing - I heard him last season - but to actually nail an Alicia Keys' song with so much power and soul. His tone was spectacular, his runs were precise, and how he effortlessly belted that one particular note towards the end was stellar. If Adam could mentor him properly, he might surprise a lot of people. 9

02. Ivy Adara
Remind Me
I'm a fan! Really. Sure, Ivy may not have the soulful vocals of Isaiah, the earthiness of Amalia, or the range of Natalie, but she has the swagger and presence all to herself. I thought her take on Remind Me was impeccable. Her vocals were crystal clear, her phrasing was fantastic, the emotions came off genuine, and her overall vibe was just captivating. 9

01. Natalie Ong
I'd Rather Go Blind
Natalie has that winning combination of standout vocals and popstar appeal. To be perfectly honest, I was ready to be bored by another cover of I'd Rather Go Blind, but where she took the song caught me off guard. The liberties she took with the melody were outstanding, her transitions to her upper register were seamless, and her vocal control was just admirable. Do I see her as the potential winner? Not really for some odd reason, but we'll see. 9

Natalie Ong
Isaiah Firebrace
Amalia Foy

With an insanely strong category, I can't really fault Adam for his choices. I thought what he end up having was incredibly strong but if he's really after variety, Natalie and Isaiah should've fought for one spot - both are soulful vocalists - and have Ivy in the mix.
X Factor Australia 8: 3-Chair Challenge #TeamAdam #Unders Reviewed by DAM on 3:43 AM Rating: 5

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