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The Voice US 11: Top 10

In a matter of two (2) weeks, The Voice will crown either Wé McDonald or Billy Gilman as the new champ - should we consider Sundance? - but before that inevitable event, let us savor this week's performance as America trim down the lot from 10 to 8. Not going to lie, this was actually a pretty strong night - minus a complete trainwreck c/o Courtney Harrell. Ha. On with the show!

10. Courtney Harrell
If I Could Turn Back Time
This was so bad, I didn't finish the performance. Haha. Sorry. 2

09. Josh Gallagher
Real Good Man
Generic and bland. I've been writing the same old thing about Josh the past couple of weeks and I don't think he can do anything about it. He's just not particularly original. He sounded good and I'll give him that. 5

08. Aaron Gibson
Rocket Man
Aaron actually sounded good, but I immensely hated the arrangement. I didn't think the tempo matched the words of the song and the laidback vocals made it sound tentative. Still, it was better than the boring performances of Josh and Courtney. At least he tried something. 5.5

07. Austin Allsup
Missing You
The verses were a bit off pitch - it felt like he was trying to find the right notes - but when he recovered, he recovered well. I would've liked a more stripped down arrangement as the instrumentation gave it a cheesy vibe, but this was a consistently decent performance. 6.5

06. Sundance Head
Me & Jesus
Not my cup of tea, obviously, but he looked like he was having fun, he sounded good, and it was a nice change of pace for Sundance. I just wish I enjoyed it as much as he did. Ha. 7

05. Ali Caldwell
Without You
It sounded a bit overwrought will all the shouting towards the end, but this was a better performance than last week. She did everything she can with the material given to her and pulling off a Mariah Carey song has always been a tall order, but she somehow gave it justice. It was a bit overdone, but I digress. 7.5

04. Brendan Fletcher
True Colors
Dark horse anyone? I didn't think he'd be able to do it, but Brendan has been consistent since the live shows that I can actually see him pulling an upset to one of the heavy hitters this season. No, I don't think his version was anything remarkable, but based on the performances tonight, this was pretty solid. His texture vocals was front and center and his phrasing was really good. 7.5

03. Billy Gilman
Once again, Billy was technically impeccable with Anyway hitting notes I didn't know he's capable of hitting. He's vocals just soared and it was an impressive thing to watch. I'm not sure though if I still find his performances compelling though as I'm beginning to feel like I've seen this side from him before. He's like a male version of Alisan Porter with all the fantastic vocal bombast, but lacking a good sense of feeling. 9

02. Christian Cuevas
Million Reasons
Other than his Battle with Jason Warrior, this has to be my favorite performance of Christian. The song choice, at first, was a bit of a wildcard, but he sinked his teeth into it and delivered a strong and impassioned vocal performance. That breakdown towards the end was so real, I didn't care if he botched a note or two. 9

01. Wé McDonald
God Bless The Child
I could've done it without the opera bit towards the end, but everything else was pure magic. Even the talking parts, which I don't usually enjoy, added an unexpected dimension to her performance. Unbelievable. 9.5

Courtney Harrell
Josh Gallagher

Courtney Harrell
Aaron Gibson
The Voice US 11: Top 10 Reviewed by DAM on 5:59 PM Rating: 5

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