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X Factor UK 13: Top 4

Honey G finally left the competition and yet, I was still underwhelmed. I guess, it's now the utter lack of talent this season. Don't get me wrong, the remaining singers all gave, at the very least, one remarkable performance during their X Factor run, but it was still lackluster. I don't know.

Good thing? Last week is this season's finale week! Yay!

On with the show!


04. Emily Middlemas
So This Is Christmas (War Is Over)
Yikes! Her voice was too weak throughout the whole song that the kids, which act as a vocal support, absolutely overpowered her. I mean, take her out of the equation and the performance would've been a lot better. Just saying. 2

03. 5 After Midnight
Stay Another Day
Just like Emily, 5 After Midnight relied heavily to the backtrack that other than the lead, I didn't think the other two were even singing - if they were, I'm not sure if they were even in tune. It's unfortunate because I felt like this had potential, but if they will perform like this, just remove the two unnecessary guys. 3

02. Saara Aalto
All I Want For Christmas
Eh. The vocals were good and the energy was a nice change of pace for this round, but then again, I felt a little underwhelmed with the performance. It was good, but she could've tightened it a little bit more. 6.5

01. Matt Terry
Silent Night
The beginning acapella was gorgeous, but something about his vocal choices came off a little odd. I'm not sure that I liked some of the falsetto placements in the song as it didn't have the natural flow and rhythm that I wanted for a song as solemn as Silent Night. That said, this was the best performance of this round. Not by a lot though, but still. 7


04. Emily Middlemas
Mad World
On paper, this should've been a total piece of cake for Emily. Her tone fits perfectly with the song, the tempo was right her alley, and it didn't require much of a range to pull the song off. All it needed was a good sense of pitch and emotionally vulnerability and you're good to go. Somehow, Emily failed in all aspects. 3

03. Matt Terry
Say You Love
I had high hopes for Matt and his rendition of the song - this would've been the perfect song choice to have a moment - but it just lacked some real emotions. His performance felt lackluster, I didn't think he was emotionally connected with the song - he's acting more then feeling - and I didn't think his vocals were that good. What's happening, Matt? 6

02. Saara Aalto
The performance, though vocally good, left me feeling cold. I thought her vocals weren't as strong as her Chandelier auditions, the weird staging and production was distracting, and it was just a competent version of the song. 6.5

01. 5 After Midnight
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Ugh. They should never topped this list because I didn't think the other background boys did anything to support the vocals of the clear lead, but their competitors didn't give me any choice. The lead vocals were strong, the whole performance was riveting, and the arrangement highlighted their strength as a group. Again, I could've done it without the annoying background boys. 7

Emily Middlemas

Emily Middlemas
X Factor UK 13: Top 4 Reviewed by DAM on 3:35 AM Rating: 5

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