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The Voice US 11: Top 8

It's the infamous BLOODBATH! I don't like this round as it feel a little brutal for everyone involved, but whatever floats their boat I guess. Now, the performances were ranging from terrible to very good and that's good enough for me. I wonder though if one of the frontrunners will fall short of the finale opening up a spot for a dark horse. We'll see. On with the show!

08. Brendan Fletcher
This was unfortunate. Based from last week, Brendan seemed to have the momentum peaking at the right moment in the competition. Then, Angel happened and I'm not entirely sure of his chances now. His pitch was all over the place, the verses were tentative, and he didn't look all excited with the song choice. Such a shame. 3

07. Aaron Gibson
Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
Hmm. This was a bit tricky. I thought the song choice was good, but the uncontrollable vibrato in Aaron's voice was a tad distracting and I wasn't sure if he's comfortable with the song or not. Quite frankly, I'm still not sure if I like the performance or not. Haha. 5

06. Christian Cuevas
To Worship You I Live (Away)
I hated the pandering, I thought his vocals weren't as good as last week, and the emotions felt a little forced, but I have a funny feeling America will eat this up like any worship songs performed on the show before. No, I didn't think it was bad, but it was annoyingly indulgent. 5.5

05. Wé McDonald
Scars To Your Beautiful
I appreciated the fact that they went current with the song choice and even the staging was kind of cool. However, the execution was a little underwhelming. The verses were strong, but when she hit the chorus, it didn't sound right. Was she flat or a bit under the right pitch? I wasn't sure, but it was a little disappointing. 6

04. Josh Gallagher
Danny's Song
Yikes! Adam pulled out this song out of nowhere and I'm afraid it worked really well for Josh. His interesting tone was a perfect match for the tune and this has to be one of his more consistent vocal performances on the show. I was ready to hate this, but I didn't. It was simple yet highly effective. 7.5

03. Sundance Head
Love Can Build A Bridge
I'm not a fan of Sundance and his genre, but I can't deny the fact that this was a solid vocal performance. It's not the most interesting and not something I'd listen over and over again, but I felt that he poured his everything on it, which was admirable. 8

02. Billy Gilman
I Surrender
His vocals weren't as flawless as usual, but it was still as powerful as hell. It did came to a point though where I felt a little too overwhelmed with all the long belting notes. It was impressive, don't get me wrong, but it came off a little overwrought. I did like that there was enough dynamics to separate the verses from the booming chorus. 8

01. Ali Caldwell
I Will Always Love You
Good job, Ali! I initially groaned at the song choice, but the way she masterfully navigated the melody was impressive. The rise and fall of her vocals were spectacular, the vocal choices made her version entirely refreshing, and it was well-controlled. If it was me, she should be in the Finale just on the merit of her consistently good performances. Will this be enough for America though? I'm not so sure. 9

Ali Caldwell
Billy Gilman
Sundance Head
Josh Gallagher

Sundance Head
Billy Gilman
Wé McDonald
Christian Cuevas
The Voice US 11: Top 8 Reviewed by DAM on 5:42 PM Rating: 5

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