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X Factor Australia 8: Finale

.. and just like that, we're done with the X Factor Australia forever.

Not going to lie, the results have been quite devasting since the live shows started - given how insanely STRONG the talent was this season - but this episode showed me that they weren't so bad after all. I mean, I could use a little diversity with say Beatz or Ivy Dara (yes, I'm still not done with that!) but this is A LOT better than what X Factor UK has to offer. 

I hope X Factor Australia will come back next year because they have discovered a lot of fantastic artists throughout the years: Samantha Jade, Dami Im, Bella Ferraro, Taylor Henderson, Dean Ray, Reigan Derry, Cyrus Villanueva and Isaiah Firebrace. 

On with the show!


04. Davey Woder
7 Years
Yes, he did sound good and his emotional connection to the song was palpable, but there was something about the performance that left me a bit cold. I don't know. I can't put my finger around it. I mean, 7 Years is a very emotional song and I felt nothing listening to him. 6

03. Amalia 
Set Fire To The Rain
On paper, this should've been a total showstopper for Amalia, but I felt like the predictability of the song choice - given how she's always being compared with Adele - made less impact. Sure, she sounded good and some of her vocal choices were inspired, but there was nothing incredibly groundbreaking with her version. Let's just say that it was a competent cover of the song. 7.5

02. Vlado
To my own shock, I'm putting my Vlado in this ranking for the Finale. Why? I thought the song choice was perfect for his almost whiny tone. The energy was impressive, the staging was good, and I felt like he pushed his vocals to places I didn't know was possible. Personally, this was his best live performance to date. Good timing, Vlado! 8

01. Isaiah Firebrace
Game! Over! Damn, Isaiah! This was, arguably, the best performance of the season! His vocals were effortlessly rich, the tone was gorgeous, the way he navigated that melody was outstanding, and his range was fantastic. Isaiah's connection to the song was also pretty spot on. There's NO WAY he's losing after this performance. 9.5


04. Davey Woder  
Angels (with Robbie Williams)
This was entertaining, but that's about it. I didn't think either one of them took the performance seriously, so yeah. HAHAHA. 5

03. Amalia
Boom Clap (with Charli XCX)
This had TRAINWRECK written all over it - it almost seemed like the producers tried to throw her under the bus - but it actually worked. Who knew? To be perfectly honest, I was skeptical that Amalia would pull off a song with a rapid fire lyrics and melody, but she did. Charli XCX, on the other hand, was annoying. As always. 7.5

02. Isaiah Firebrace
Wake Me Up (with Jessica Mauboy)
How I wish Jessica didn't come into the performance. Isaiah sounded awesome at the beginning and his ad libs on the second half was impeccable. Sadly, Jessica and her vibrato ruined the performance for me. Sigh. If only. 8

01. Vlado
Say You Won't Let Go (with James Arthur)
Maybe it was the song, but I enjoyed Vlado's duet the most. I can't freakin' believe it! He actually managed to top a list for me. I thought his verses were shockingly good and James Arthur being there made it even better. Thank you! 9

Isaiah Firebrace

Isaiah Firebrace
X Factor Australia 8: Finale Reviewed by DAM on 3:40 AM Rating: 5

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