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X Factor UK 13: Top 6

This week was a little better than the last couple of weeks. Why? Because the people I expected to do good actually delivered and the rest were okay. Yes, we are at that point already where I don't really care for the rest and just wait for things to end. Haha. Not to take anything from the REAL vocalists though because I thought I just witnessed one of the best vocal performances of the season tonight.

On with the show!

06. Honey G
It's Like That / Getting Jiggy With It
When will this end? She's an insult to singers and rappers in the music industry. N/A

05. Ryan Lawrie
Jailhouse Rock
Sorry, I just can't take seriously this performance. Really? Why this song choice? Sure, it was fun, but it also came off annoyingly cheesy. Not for me. 4

04. Emily Middlemas
It Must Have Been Love
This, to me, was another predictable and bland performance from Emily. Was Simon not listening to the sentiments of the other judges - and Emily - last week? I don't know. The whole schtick of slowing down songs was interesting back then, but it got old quite fast. If she survives this week, she should mix it up or she'll be eliminated earlier than Honey G, which, at this point, is a total tragedy. 6

03. Saara Aalto
My Heart Will Go On
No one will ever top Celine Dion's version of this overdone song, but Saara managed to pull it off quite nicely. I thought there was a good enough drama to the performance that got me interested, and her vocals were, as usual, good. Her vocal choices weren't different from the original, but I digress. 7.5

02. 5 After Midnight
Try A Little Tenderness
I was ready to hate this performance, but modern arrangement of this old school classic was brilliant for the group. The solos at the beginning were really good, the rap breakdown was great and could teach Honey G a lesson or two, and the little touch of choreography here and there gave the performance some energy. It was a good showcase of everything this group could do. Solid. 8.5

01. Matt Terry
Writing's On The Wall
This was, arguably, one of the best vocal performances of the season. Really. Writing's On The Wall is a tough song to sing, but Matt looked effortless navigating the tricky melody of the track. His falsetto was on point, his transitions sounded seamless, and the vocal runs were precise and not overdone. Spectacular. 9.5

Honey G

Ryan Lawrie
X Factor UK 13: Top 6 Reviewed by DAM on 3:36 AM Rating: 5

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