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The Voice Australia 6: Semifinals

We're almost at the homestretch. Next week will be the Finale where we will know who gets to be crowned as The Voice of Australia. I'm not sure if the lack of water cooler performances - relative to the pervious years - was due to the coaches and their song choices, but I've been constantly hoping for moments on this show, and this week, I thought we got two of them. 


08. Spencer Jones
Eh. This should've been a walk in the park for Spencer, but his version lacked something inherent to the song - epicness. I don't know. His vocals and interpretations just didn't soar and it just stayed at the same intensity. Plus, I genuinely think he didn't connect well with the song. 5

07. Sarah Stone
Green Light
I didn't think this was a bad song - as what Seal was insisting - but this, to me, was not the best choice for Sarah. Yes, she sounded okay and she didn't miss a lot of notes along the way, but it didn't serve the purpose of her showcasing herself as a legitimate recording star. It came off like a capable karaoke version than anything else. 5.5

06. Judah Kelly
Judah struggled. It was admirable for him to actually get through the entire song sick without butchering the song, but it was pretty evident that he was straining his notes towards the end. The verses sounded decent, but as soon as he tried to belt out those long notes of the chorus, it was obvious that he had a hard time. 5.5

05. Rennie Adams
Lonely Boy
Just like Boy George, I felt like Rennie should've just stayed in his place instead of jumping around the stage because the entire performance felt a little chaotic. His vocals on the verses were spectacular though and that somehow saved the performance because it also became shouty towards the end. 6

04. Fasika Ayallew
One Night Only
Fasika has been the absolute revelation this season - I didn't notice her during the earlier rounds and her first live performance was mildly interesting. However, she's been consistently delivering strong performances since then and One Night Only was pretty solid. The first part of her performance was particularly terrific, although she lost me as soon as the band kicked it. She pulled it off still. 7

03. Lucy Sugerman
Skinny Love
This was hands down Lucy's best performance to date. It's the perfect song choice for her tone and vocal technique, which still annoyed me to high heavens although it wasn't apparent in this song, and her version had a soothing quality to it. On paper though, she should've easily crushed the competition with this rousing version,but there was a hint of uncertainty in her delivery. 7.5

02. Berni Harrison
You Don't Own Me
After almost getting eliminated last week, she knew she had to deliver and she absolutely did. There was attitude and passion in her delivery that was quite riveting and the way she phrased the song was intriguing. This was her best performance during the live shows and the timing couldn't be anymore perfect. 8

01. Hoseah Partsch
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
At this point, it's either Hoseah or Judah's competition to lose. They've been delivering fantastic performances since the first live show and Hoseah slightly outsang Judah in this round with a impeccable rendition of I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Seal was being a total douche when he said that there wasn't enough connection between Hoseah and the song, but I totally disagree. Everything about this performance was top notch from the vocals - though he did hit a bum note - to his delivery. This was possibly one of the best performances of the season. 9

Rennie Adams [TEAM SEAL]
Spencer Jones [TEAM KELLY]


06. Lucy Sugerman
It's Oh So Quiet
Yikes. I had high hopes with this performance as I felt like Bjork would be within Lucy's lane in terms of vocal tone, but towards the end, she started dropping her notes and it didn't sound good. She was flat and sharp in parts and I just didn't know what happened. 3

05. Hoseah Partsch
Is This Love
He sounded good and he looked like he was having fun, but I got bored instantly for some strange reason. Was it the song choice? I'm not sure, but I just didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. Sorry. 6

04. Berni Harrison
Turning Tables
Vocally, this was another solid one from Berni, but after her standout performance prior to this, this seemed like an afterthought than a complete obliteration of the competition. Don't get me wrong. Adele song is tough to sing, but this came off as a serviceable version of the song and nothing else. 7

03. Fasika Ayallew
I Have Nothing
Quite frankly, Fasika should've been eliminated just for her song choice alone. Haha. Really? This one again? You can do better than that Kelly! That being said, Fasika managed to pull this huge song effortlessly. I heard better versions of the song - and yes, I don't want to hear another one - but Fasika's wasn't so bad. 7

02. Sarah Stone
If I Were A Boy
What was up with the coaches giving their artists Adele, Whitney and now Beyonce? Sarah, to me though, had the most successful cover in this round mostly because she didn't just copy the original. There were minor tweaks here and there that somehow made the performance a lot more interesting than the others. I still had reservations, but I digress. 7.5

01. Judah Kelly
Did I say that it's just going to be between Judah and Hoseah? Judah struggled with his first performance mostly because he literally had NO VOICE, but how he managed to pull this off impeccably boggled my mind. Seriously. He had no speaking voice and yet, he sounded absolutely divine in this acoustic version of Hallelujah. I said this with Hoseah earlier, but this was one of the best performances of the season. 9.5

Berni Harrison [TEAM SEAL]
The Voice Australia 6: Semifinals Reviewed by DAM on 5:57 PM Rating: 5

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