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The Voice Teens Philippines: Grand Finale

So yes, Jona Soquite won the first ever The Voice Teens Philippines and, to be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely mad about it. I mean, she delivered one of the best performances of the night and had a pretty decent performances yesterday. What's infuriating? Isabela finishing second after Rise Up. What's up? That I didn't see coming. Haha.

The Voice Teens Philippines started out exceptionally well that went straight to hell as soon as the Live Shows began. True, there were still some pieces of glorious heaven here and there, but it was mostly angst, anger, grief, and sarcastic remarks since then.

Anyway, the night was mostly uneventful, but that's not shocking by any means. Here's how the finalists did in their last performances!

04. Isabela Vinzon
Rise Up
I'll give Isabela A+++ for her rendition of Rise Up. Affected. Annoying. Awful. What was that? Seriously. Isabela overreached and it felt like she was too busy auditioning her voice for Cirque du Soleil with all the vocal acrobatics and it wasn't even good. At one point, she even sounded like if Vina Morales and a goat had a lovechild especially with that incredibly fast vibrato. Yikes. 3

03. Mica Becerro
Time To Say Goodbye
Quite frankly, Time To Say Goodbye was the perfect song choice for Mica as it allowed her to showcase better vocal dynamics - she obviously didn't rely much on her head voice this time - and some well-supported chest voice. Sadly, her intonation was shockingly unstable towards the end that she hit a couple of rough notes towards the end. Was it just nerves or was that a glimpse of her vocal limitations? 6

02. Jona Soquite
I Believe I Can Fly
While I didn't think the song choice was good - including the arrangement - Jona still delivered a rousing performance. Was it perfect? Not at all, but the intensity was palpable, the passion was there, and she sang it like she meant it. I would've liked a tiny bit more control and less shouting, but that's nitpicking already because it was actually a pretty rousing performance. 7.5

01. Jeremy Glinoga
Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita
Was this particularly thrilling? No, but Jeremy's Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita was a stellar vocal performance paired with some nice phrasing and impressive emotional connection to the song. This was packed with so much subtlety and nuance and the song just rose and fell perfectly. In short, it was about as strong a performance on The Voice Teens Philippines as you can get. 8


Jona Soquite (44.78%)
Isabela Vinzon (22.42%)
Mica Becerro (17.79%)
Jeremy Glinoga (15.01%)
The Voice Teens Philippines: Grand Finale Reviewed by DAM on 3:08 AM Rating: 5

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