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Movie Review: Power Rangers

Whoa. Power Rangers managed to do the unthinkable - it actually didn't suck! Haha. It was still a hectic mess with a couple of unnecessary shift in directional tone, predictably generic and cheesy plot, and an intense product placement of Krispy Kreme, but it was not without its charm. I found the cast to be surprisingly likable with more personality than anyone in the last Transformers film and I didn't expect the movie to flesh out these characters as much as they did. The action sequences were pushed back until the final act though, which made it look utterly rushed. While far from perfect, Power Rangers was a fun enough popcorn flick with good nostalgic influence. This reboot could've been so much worse, so I will take this any day.

Movie Review: Power Rangers Reviewed by DAM on 9:16 PM Rating: 5

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