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Movie Review: The Big Sick

The Big Sick was a refreshingly honest and charming little film. Quite frankly, I didn't respond much with the film just because the synopsis came off a little banal, but it turned out to have a great premise for a romantic comedy. While not terribly deep, the story was well-written that it kept most of it from being highly predictable. The sudden shift from the two main leads to new supporting characters at the middle of the movie, for instance, was a pleasant surprise as the narrative chose to zig where I expected it to zag. It was quite a bold move, but it worked and somehow elevated the film to something special. The success of this was largely owed to the stellar cast, which delivered a plethora of emotions given the material. The movie did feel a bit too long though that towards the end, it adhered to the unnecessary romantic comedy tropes that took the film down a notch, but I digress. The Big Sick, while not perfect, was quite a liberating and touching, feel-good piece that turned what could've been another unremarkable love story into something interesting.

Movie Review: The Big Sick Reviewed by DAM on 10:45 AM Rating: 5

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