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Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

Gorgeous, but flawed. Blade Runner 2049 was a disappointingly missed opportunity as it had all the potential to be a cinematic masterpiece. Sure, the film was a technical marvel and an incredible piece of visual sci-fi eye candy - the sleek and wonderfully realized futuristic world was everything! - but it was also incredibly problematic. It had an underdeveloped antagonist, the musical score was inconsistently overbearing, the runtime was WAY too long for basically a single plot, and the overall pacing was quite dreadful. There were a couple of scenes that could've been dropped because they were either pure nonsense or just unnecessary exposition. Blade Runner 2049 was not quite as fun or good as it could have been. I can't say I didn't enjoy it as it made for a fairly enjoyable throwaway, but that's also the problem, it's a throwaway.

Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049 Reviewed by DAM on 5:39 PM Rating: 5

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