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X Factor UK 14: Live Show 7 (Boys & Groups)

What a crapfest! If not for Rak-Su, this episode would've bombed. Seriously. What's happening with X Factor UK? There's no watercooler performances and at this stage of the competition, I'm still stuck with weak to mediocre performances. Sigh. Bring back the good old X Factor UK please!

On with the show!

05. Sam Black
HOT. F@%^*$#. MESS. 2

04. Sean & Conor Price
Conor's vocals were impressively solid especially during the verses and towards the end, but somehow, the entire performance was dragged down by the unpleasant harmonies that Sean provided. It just didn't sound right and felt forced. If Conor auditioned as a solo act, he could've gone further. 5

03. The Cutkelvins
Saved Me From Myself
This was a decent original song, but paled in comparison to some of Rak-Su and Grace's tracks. Most of it was because the sister's voice continues to irritate me. How I wish they gave the brothers more time to shine. Again, it was a decent performance, but nothing really to write home about. 5

02. Lloyd Macey
From This Moment
Not particularly exciting - the song choice alone was a bit of a snoozefest, to be honest - but it was a lot better than, say three (3) of the other performances. Vocally, he started it off incredibly shaky, but he managed to recover. 5.5

01. Rak-Su
Mona Lisa
Can everyone else go and just have Rak-Su go straight to the Finale? I haven't been a big fan of some of their original songs, but this one was catchy as f@%&! Haha. There was an ease to their delivery that's quite appealing to watch, the vocals, though not particularly challenging, was consistent, and they looked like they were having fun. Very nice. 8

Sam Black
Sean & Conor Price
X Factor UK 14: Live Show 7 (Boys & Groups) Reviewed by DAM on 2:46 PM Rating: 5

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