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Movie Review: Unexpectedly Yours

The idea of 50 year old people rediscovery love was a relatively novel idea for a film and Unexpectedly Yours somehow executed the premise quite nicely. Sure, the narrative was slightly predictable and the script came off a tad cheesy, but I felt like the film had a broad appeal - the dilemmas remained relevant regardless of age complemented by both humor and pathos. The characters were also quite compelling. Sharon Cuneta, in particular, got to do some scenes that were openly funny and showed some nice comedic work. Robin Padilla was still magnetically charming albeit slightly stiff - or maybe that's how he's been all this years? Julia Barretto was shockingly excellent given how limited the material that was given to her and Joshua Garcia. Unexpectedly Yours would definitely appeal to an older generation, but the young ones, I hope, can appreciate the zeal of the movie. It did run a bit long and lost some of it's spark towards the end, but I digress.

Movie Review: Unexpectedly Yours Reviewed by DAM on 7:26 PM Rating: 5

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