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The Voice US 13: Top 11

I had mixed feelings about this season's finalists after a couple of underwhelming performances last week, but this completely changed my mind. Other the one contestant, I thought everyone delivered some solid numbers. Sure, I may not like the genre, but they were mostly good to outstanding. Who knew? At this point, I'm rooting for a couple of people and I hope they survive until the Finale.

On with the show!

11. Shi'Ann Jones
I like Shi'Ann, but her rendition of Listen highlighted her lack of experience. Her transitions were rough, her phrasing choices and vocal control were terrible, and I can't figure out really if she was hitting all the right notes because she sounded muddled for most of the performance. I don't know. If she survives another week, Jennifer needs to make her listen. 5

10. Red Marlow
The Dance
Yay! Another generic country performance from Red. Look, this was completely heartfelt and his voice sounded lovely on the song, but I heard better versions of the song and there was nothing here that made me want to watch it again for the second time. Sorry. 6.5

09. Adam Cunningham
American Girl
Better than last week, but that's not saying much. To be perfectly honest, I can't decide if I enjoyed this better than Red's, but since this was a lot more entertaining I gave him a bit of an edge. That said, this was still pretty forgettable. Nothing spectacular, to be honest. 6.5

08. Ashland Craft
Chicken Fried
Ashland has a pretty country voice and I could really see her as a viable country artists in the future. However, given that this is a competition, I genuinely don't think this performance will excite a lot of people to vote for her. It's fun and energetic and her voice sounded good, but that's about it. Like Red and Adam, it was all pretty generic and predictable. 7

07. Davon Fleming
I Have Nothing
Hated the choppy arrangement, but I'd be lying if I say that the performance wasn't riveting because it was. I thought Davon's interesting phrasing, vocal choices, and consistent intonation made me forget that he's singing one of the most overdone songs in the history of reality singing shows around the world. I found some of his falsetto to be really tasteful and it added hints of surprise throughout the performance. 7.5

06. Keisha Renee
It Matters To Me
Vocally, this was another strong showing from Keisha. Her modulation was really good, her controlled vibrato was interesting touch, and some of her adlibs were spot on. I still think that she's an soul artist singing country songs. Other than the song choice, there was nothing country about it and it somehow irked me. Eeh. 7.5

05. Brooke Simpson
What About Us
Very nice. I've been enjoying most of Brooke's performances and this was no exception. I wasn't sure of the song choice at first, but she made use of the material to really showcase her vocal ability. Her vocal range was insane, her diction was excellent, and she had a great stage presence to boot. There were a little wonky notes here and there, but they were mostly forgivable. Solid. 8

04. Janice Freeman
Another powerful performance from Janice. The rasp in her voice was so prominent that it added so much character to her delivery and the growls weren't overdone, which I liked. There were moments where her vocals got washed off by the loud band, but she recovered easily. Loved every minute of this performance. 8

03. Addison Agen
A Case of You
Gorgeous. This was a perfect song choice for her beautiful tone and the arrangement had the right build up to her voice as it soared during the chorus. Her notes and transitions were precise and her little intricate runs were pretty impressive. The melody of A Case of You was a tricky one and yet she delivered. 9

02. Chloe Kohanski
Total Eclipse of the Heart
WOW. I seriously had doubts when I learned about the song choice as I didn't think she had the range to pull it all off - although she had a similar timbre from Bonnie Tyler - but this was pretty magnificent. I thought the arrangement was the perfect key for her range, it didn't sound forced, and there was intensity in her delivery. She was completely in that zone and she sucked me with her. 9

01. Noah Mac
Electric Love
Noah doesn't have the strongest voice or the biggest vocal range, but he's possibly one of the most creative contestants this season - or even EVER on The Voice US - and his take on Electric Love was a proof positive of that. The arrangement was sublime as it highlighted his strengths as a vocalist, his lower register sounded full, and when his voice started to soar, it was stable and strong. He did have a couple of timing issues, but I honestly didn't mind. This was a fantastic performance. 9

Shi'Ann Jones

Adam Cunningham
The Voice US 13: Top 11 Reviewed by DAM on 11:10 PM Rating: 5

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