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Movie Review: I, Tonya

I don't know what it was exactly, but I have always been genuinely fascinated with this story, and yes, I loved I, Tonya a great deal. I appreciated the fact that it wasn't a straight up drama as it was littered with unexpected jabs of dark humor throughout the entire film, the cinematic technique to break the fourth wall was genius, and the energy infused into the film was a pleasant surprise. The direction and writing were exceptional, but it was the performances that made the film special. Margot Robbie threw herself fiercely into this role and successfully brought humanity to the character of Tonya Harding, while Allison Janney gave a haunting performance of a character that was both downright repulsive and magnetic. I, Tonya was sometimes violent and intense, but still oddly fascinating and funny. It had its minor flaws, but it was a riveting look at Tonya's life that somehow redefined how I see her.

Movie Review: I, Tonya Reviewed by DAM on 6:09 PM Rating: 5

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