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Movie Review: Lady Bird

Painfully authentic. Never pretentious. Absolutely charming.

It goes without saying, I adored Lady Bird immensely and I seriously cannot praise this film enough as words cannot do justice for how terrific it was as it managed to create a realistic portrayal of teenage life without being dreary, preachy or overly artsy.

The narrative was impossible to resist, the characters were refreshingly real, layered, and nuanced, and the script flowed so naturally between actors - nothing felt forced. The wit and sarcastic banters were exceptionally timed and the way the film gradually progressed into a balance of hilarity and drama was quite masterful, which was aided almost exclusively by the brilliant direction of Greta Gerwig and the commanding presence of the entire cast.

Saoirse Ronan was very in tune with the role, and even though it wasn't entirely original, she made it her own and gave it a grand sense of sincerity and pathos when needed. Laurie Metcalf, on the hand, was just sensational as she vividly portrayed her role. The performances were truly remarkable that I felt wrapped up in their lives throughout the entire film. I genuinely cared for them.

 So yes, Lady Bird was possibly one of the best coming-of-age films I've seen in recent memory.

Movie Review: Lady Bird Reviewed by DAM on 3:23 AM Rating: 5

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