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The Voice US 14: Live Playoffs (Part 2) #TeamBlake

Yes, all of them did better yesterday than tonight. I don't know. It was quite disappointing actually to see all of them perform below par and I blame their song choices. I mean, Austin wanted to do something different, but he completely dropped everything that made him standout from the pack. Pryor's song choice was unfortunate and WILKES was a bit underwhelming. As for Gary, yikes.

05. Austin Giorgio
Love Yourself
He took a big risk and it sucked. That's about it.

04. Gary Edwards
America The Beautiful
HAHAHAHA. What was up with this song choice? I just can't take this seriously. I don't care if he sounded good, but it was almost him singing Star Spangled Banner on a singing competition. Really?

03. Pryor Baird
9 To 5
What happened? He proved me wrong with his previous performance as he cleverly blended soul and country and it actually made a lasting impression. This one, however, had no finesse whatsoever that it sounded almost like a string of shouty mess. Plus, I couldn't understand some of the words he was singing. This has to be a fluke, right?

02. Spensha Baker
Smoke Break
Again, it was mostly good with enough power to sustain the hard hitting notes of the song, but I can't help but compare this performance to the original. Carrie Underwood had power and vocal control and this needed a touch of that. The last part was pretty incredible though.

Don't Speak
Not as strong as his previous performances, but he remained compelling to watch. In paper, the song choice would've been great for his husky and gritty tone, but there was something about the way he phrased the opening verse that somehow sounded a little disjointed. I appreciated his willingness to stray away from the original and rearrange the to fit his vibe.

Spensha Baker

Pryor Baird
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