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Movie Review: Ocean's 8

Stylish. Often funny. Delightful.

Ocean's 8 wasn't particularly outstanding by any means and (quite frankly) slightly underwhelming given the breathtaking cast, but it was still a fun caper film. It was aesthetically good - the wardrobe for instance! - there were a couple of good natured humor without the usual overkill, and again, the cast was absolutely phenomenal. Every single one of them just exuded an indelible sense of coolness. Sandra Bullock had swagger, as well as Cate Blanchett, and Anne Hathaway's controlled lunacy was just downright brilliant. Sure, some of them were clearly underwritten - Sarah Paulson especially - but their collective charisma somehow created a buffer to that flaw.

And yes, the film had flaws. The plot almost felt wafer thin and there was a noticeable lack of tension for a heist movie. The fact that it had no villain like Andy Garcia from the previous Ocean's films, which wasn't necessary if executed perfectly, made the heist part less intense. I also found the pacing to be quite inconsistent with parts being sluggish while others too hurried. Oh, and James Corden was a total miscast.

Ocean's 8 didn't really present anything that I haven't seen before and obviously quite flawed, but the playful energy that radiated around the film with its charming cast was somehow enough to make this a perfectly fun caper romp with a little demand to suspend your disbelief.

Movie Review: Ocean's 8 Reviewed by DAM on 10:30 AM Rating: 5

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