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Movie Review: Bumblebee

Another Transformers film no one asked for, but I was shocked at how much I enjoyed this one.

For a lot of people, including myself, the first Transformers by Michael Bay in 2007 was an absolute guilty pleasure. It was loud, action-packed filled with a ridiculous amount of special effects, and Shia Lebouf was still.. well, Shia Lebouf. Then the sequels came and everything just went to sh*t. I was having fun shredding the franchise to pieces after it got progressively worse. So yes, I was hoping for this to be godawful and have another field day, but with Michael Bay out of the picture, Bumblebee turned out to be more than tolerable.

No, the film wasn't a complex cinematic masterpiece, but it was never meant to be one. It was supposed to be fun and entertaining, which it was. Sure, the plot was nothing particularly new, but it had a cohesive enough story and emotional moments that somehow elevated this to something much more than a dumb down action flick. It wasn't draining or overwrought like its predecessors an there's enough humor and teen drama that felt organic. Oh, and Hailee Stenfield did wonderful and had some terrific chemistry with Bumblebee.

Bumblebee was hands down one of the best Transformer movies ever - although that's not saying much and not incredibly hard to do. Haha.

Movie Review: Bumblebee Reviewed by DAM on 6:25 PM Rating: 5

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