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Movie Review: Killers

I particularly wanted to see this film to make up for my needy romantic comedy desires unsatisfied by The Bounty Hunter. And while this movie was better than the Aniston/Butler flick, it also just didn't hold up.

As far as movies in this genre go, this was quite a disappointment since it had such promise. Sure, to a certain extent the film was enjoyable but it somehow lacked the real comedic laughs that one wishes to have in a good comedy. I mean, if I had a coin for every time I laughed, I'd have enough to buy myself candies. Haha. Heck, there were even some moments that were just so embarrassingly unfunny and dry, that I was even shaking my head.

This, to me, was one foolish, unrealistic, anything-can-happen, whatever-floats-their-boat type of movie that I actually found it impossible to judge it with reason. Haha. The film wasn't even in a hurry to tell it's story, mostly due to the fact that there was none.

The acting was also mediocre at best that even Katherine Heigl looked a little weary trying to actually "act" like she really cares. Yes, she was able to prove herself as a relatively funny actress in Ugly Truth and, to some extent, Knocked Up, but this was just shockingly flat. She did bring her funny side and somehow succeeds to give a few chuckles, but that's about it.

Ashton Kutcher, on the other hand, was just not that good. He was charming - I'd give him that - but his portrayal of the role was so tentative I didn't even believe that he was what he's supposed to be.

Good thing, the action was pretty decent. Not "James Bond" grounds, but still good. I also liked the chemistry between Kuchter and Heigl. I thought it came off quite natural.

Now, I have to say that enjoying this flick depends on your expectations and gullibility. But despite the film's unreasonably stupid premise, it still managed to make me laugh. Well, I laughed mostly out of confusion, but it's laughter nevertheless.

Movie Review: Killers Reviewed by DAM on 12:51 AM Rating: 5

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