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Movie Review: My Amnesia Girl

50 First Dates rip-off? Think again.

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of locally produced films unless it's under Star Cinema. I mean, they have been VERY consistent with their films as most - if not all - received critical and commercial successes and yes, for a local movie outfit, that's an impressive feat! So, while I seriously had some apprehensions going into this film, I was surprised to have actually loved it. I guess, Star Cinema did it again!

Now, just like any other Star Cinema romantic comedies, the story wasn't out of the ordinary. It was, yet again, molded with their usual formula and the inclusion of that compulsory "happy ending" made the film too convenient. But granted that the outcome of the plot - and the story in general - was a little too predictable, I thought the road getting there was surprisingly sharp and entertaining.

I liked that there were quite a few witty - and at times, corny - lines and exchanges, and the delivery and comedic timing of the cast were just about perfect. Sure, the whole premise was a bit contrived, but this was exactly the reason why we have movies like this: to escape into the fantasy of romance and humor.

But what made this film a cut above the rest was its impressive leads. John Lloyd Cruz was brilliant! Though I never doubted his talent, I was pleasantly surprised to see him hold his own even on comedic scenes. Who knew?  Toni Gonzaga, on the other hand, has gone up another notch in her acting career. I thought her dramatic turns coupled with her comedic skills were impeccably timed.

And to whoever decided to cast Toni and John Lloyd in this movie together was indeed a genius. I was a bit iffy when I learned about the team up but clearly, their chemistry was so natural and palpable that it was one of the main reasons why this film worked. Plus, of course, the very dependable supporting cast did deliver good performances as well.

Ultimately, there was something refreshing about the film's undemanding humor and unabashed feel good factor. A superb cast, fun premise and punchy dialogue made this a must see local film. And while this movie isn't going to win any acting awards, nor will it become one's favorite movie of all time, I think that it does exactly what it is supposed to do: ENTERTAIN!

Easily my favorite Star Cinema release this year.. so far!

Movie Review: My Amnesia Girl Reviewed by DAM on 2:21 AM Rating: 5

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