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Movie Review: Unstoppable

The movie that had it all. A film with plenty of tense moments, decent amount of action and running dialogues that successfully sustained my interest for the whole duration of it. This, undeniably, offers quite a ride! Seriously.

Sure, the movie started a little slow and took a while for it to pick up, but the story was straightforward and simple - no frills and nothing fancy - that the way it picked up was actually refreshing. The plot in general was so easy to follow.

Technically, the movie did deliver and with flying colors. I thought that the cinematography was solid, the editing and camera work was often frenetic but in a good way, and the direction was spot on. Oh, and the music fit the situation flawlessly.

And while all of that was enough for some mindless entertainment, the excellent performances of the actors enhanced everything and made the film better than it actually was. It also re-affirmed my belief in the acting abilities of Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. I was truly impressed with the humanity that they brought to their characters and the chemistry between them. Chris Pine, in particular, managed to hold his own with Denzel. Having Chris Pine play alongside him puts a fresh spin in the situation. I also liked Rosario Dawson, but I loved her in everything she was in so take that with a grain of salt. Suffice it to say, the acting ensemble was really good that the supporting cast was nothing to ignore either.

Well, I went in to this movie with less than high hopes but I was pleasantly surprised. I literally found myself on the edge of my seat throughout the film, not to mention that the acting was excellent all around. If you like a fast paced thrill ride, then this is for you.

Movie Review: Unstoppable Reviewed by DAM on 2:18 AM Rating: 5

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