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Year-End List 2010: 10 Worst Movies

Yesterday, I gave you the 20 Best Movies of 2010. Now, I'm counting down the crappiest movies of the year and, yes, no one is spared. Katherine Heigl’s not safe from my wrath, Jennifer Aniston definitely doesn’t get a free pass, and even America's Sweetheart Julia Roberts. These films are some of the most unexpected, unwanted, and most importantly unnecessary films of the year and it’s time to put them on notice..

Oh, and just like my "best" list, it’s not physically and financially possible for me to go and watch ALL films that were released this year, so you'll probably not see Piranha 3D or anything of that caliber - maybe one. But, you know what I mean. Haha.

On my third year now, I give to you the 10 Worst Movies of 2010..

10. Eat Pray Love
"I'm such a sucker for a good chick flick - this offered to fill that bill - I fed into the hype and I was seriously excited to see it. Sadly, the greatest emotion I felt from this movie was hunger. Haha. While never horrible, this film simply made me feel nothing. I tried very hard to like it but there was nothing to grasp on to.."

9. You Again
"The story itself was relatively predictable filled with cliches and overplayed scenes. It was so paint-by-the numbers that literally, I guessed every scene in my head. I was moderately entertained and mildly amused while watching it, but when the movie was played out, I was less than fulfilled.."

8. Killers
"This, to me, was one foolish, unrealistic, anything-can-happen, whatever-floats-their-boat type of movie that I actually found it impossible to judge it with reason. Haha. The film wasn't even in a hurry to tell it's story, mostly due to the fact that there was none. It still managed to make me laugh though. Well, I laughed mostly out of confusion, but it's laughter nevertheless."

7. Legion
"The suck-factor of this movie was biblical! Pun intended. I can find better action with a more compelling storyline in Daybreakers. If you have to see a grown man with wings this week, a safer bet would be Tooth Fairy. Hahaha.."

6. Grown Ups
"..I thought the whole movie was pointless. I mean, if you have a by-the-numbers plot, typical performances, and a been-there-done-that tone, then what's the point of making a movie? It's not even THAT entertaining. A lackluster effort which was dumb, disappointing, and decidedly demented."

5. The Spy Next Door
"On top of all the poor acting and, to some extent, writing, I thought that the editing was bad. The gadgets weren't used cleverly and the special effects were unconvincing.."

4. The Bounty Hunter
"Plain and simple: This was a romantic comedy film with a hint of action that was not very funny, not that romantic and quite lame. I don't know. It all felt extremely flat and barely managed to elicit giggles, much less laughter."

3. Vampires Suck
"To be fair, I was actually surprised that Vampires Suck was an improvement over the previous spoof films. However, it's like saying it's the better crap out of all crap. Haha. I mean, the jokes were still boring, obvious, predictable and just plain lazy.."

2. The Last Airbender
".. this was an absolute mess of a movie. Seriously. The story felt rushed and it somehow jumped around in a totally nonsensical manner. There was absolutely NO time spent on characterization and none of the characters had any depth at all and may as well have been cardboard cutouts. Plus, the acting was bad across the board.."

1. The Last Song
".. the biggest problem I had with the film was MILEY CYRUS. I hated her acting from the moment she appeared on the screen. She was just too disappointing as an actress. Not that I think she's so talented to begin with, but I expected her to take her acting to another level if she really wants to be taken seriously.."
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