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X Factor Australia 8: 3-Chair Challenge #TeamIggy #Groups

Look, Iggy's set of performers to pick from wasn't as good as #TeamAdam, but I can't deny the fact that she has some killer groups in her category. She has two outstanding girl group, and a couple of great duos.

Oh, and can I say how much I'm enjoying Iggy as a judge? She's straight to the point, she can be funny, and she's sometimes brutal. Love her!

On with the show!

07. FD3
Waiting For A Star To Fall
I don't know what it was - maybe the messy vocals? - but this was probably the only performance so far that I didn't like. This was just all over the place. 5

06. The Dennis Sisters
Fire and the Flood
No, The Dennis Sisters' performance wasn't bad, but I found myself drifting away from the performance. I thought the vocals were mostly on point with a couple of harmonies veering off pitch, and it felt genuine, but again, it wasn't a standout performance. 6

05. Time and Place
You Don't Know Love
Organized chaos. Haha. Of course, I can't criticize the group for being lousy as they were just formed right then and there by Iggy, but I also can't shake the feeling that they aren't ready for the whole thing. Sure, the vocals were better than FD3 and they're all incredibly charismatic, but again, this was an organized mess. 6.5

04. IndiElla
Don't Worry About Me
Lovely harmonies! There's something raw about their vocals that could be both interesting and problematic. I agree with Iggy, I question their versatility as performers, but one can't deny the fact that their voices together sounded like pure butter. Just beautiful. 8

03. Brentwood
Lush Life
I don't understand Adam's criticism of them making the song "uncool". I thought their version had dimension and character and the harmonies were tight. I also enjoyed the solos - Isla's voice soared beautifully and Finley's unique tone sounded sensational. I would've liked for them to take risks with their arrangements and vocal choices, but other than that, they're golden. 8.5

02. Montage
Break Free
Montage, formerly known as Chai, were vocally better in terms of range than Beatz, but as Adam mentioned, they came off looking less polished than their counterparts. I thought the harmonies were mostly spot on, they worked the stage a lot better compared to their audition, and the slight re-arrangement on the melody was a nice little touch towards the end. I think they're a little too stiff though, so maybe they should loosen up more. 8.5

01. Beatz
Me Too
I wasn't entirely a fan of the song choice as I didn't think it had enough melody to work around their vocals, but Beatz managed to turn this into something more "substantial". I thought the transitions from one vocalist to another was seamless, the energy was infectious, they looked like they were having fun, and the vocals sounded crazy good. The harmonies, in particular, was great. I never understood why they were eliminated in 2014, and I wonder if they can turn things around this year. 9

Time and Place

I understood what Iggy was doing. She was basically trying to build a team that has diversity - a girl group, boy band, and a duo - and I can't be mad at her for doing that. However, when the best boy band is not even close to the greatness of a second girl group, she should've based it on the potential and whatnot. It's tough though if she has both Beatz and Montage through to the live shows because she'll eventually prefer one from the other and that's not a good sight to see. 
X Factor Australia 8: 3-Chair Challenge #TeamIggy #Groups Reviewed by DAM on 3:43 AM Rating: 5

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